The right way to do maintenance

Did you know that 56% of Australian renters choose not to renew their lease due to a lack of responsiveness by their property management when it comes to maintenance and repairs? At TOOP+TOOP we track our response times.

On average 21% of South Australian tenants wait over a week to receive a response about an urgent repair and 14% don’t receive any response at all. This equates to an industry average response time to maintenance, of over 14 days.

At TOOP+TOOP our maintenance response time is 90% faster, with an average of just 1.31 days. A figure attributed to our innovative TOOP HOME, which allows our tenants to log and track maintenance 24/7 and our network of trades are held accountable through star ratings, which ensure repairs are correctly resolved the first time.

Importantly, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to maintaining our client’s property, by offering annual custom preventative maintenance packages, which include air conditioner servicing, pest inspections and regular gutter cleaning. These services help to keep overall maintenance costs lower, as issues are resolved before they eventuate into expensive repairs.


Compliance and how we protect you.

Smoke alarms:

In accordance with the South Australian legislation, all homes must be fitted with working smoke alarms. Failure to do so, not only means owners are liable to a $750 fine, but any Insurance that is held on the property may not cover damages to the home, contents, or injury to a tenant. At TOOP+TOOP we also offer custom compliance packages, which include annual smoke alarm checks, protecting our landlords from liability and risk.

Gas heaters, pools, and other services.

The Tenancy Act states that properties must be kept to a reasonable state of repair or maintenance. If such standards aren’t meet, then this may result in insurance claims being denied. Because of this, many of our landlords choose to opt into our preventative maintenance packages, which helps to keep their property regularly maintained and complaint throughout management,

The links below provide further information on how we help protect your biggest asset: