Why it's important to properly advertise your rental online

Advertising your property online is the biggest way you can draw quality tenants. To explain more about the importance of a well-advertised rental, we speak to Toop&Toop Marketing and Leasing Coordinator, Amy Bland.

What is the difference between using amateur and professional photography? What are tenants looking for when they search for rentals online?

Professional photography captures images using a wide-lensed camera, creating a sense of space with enhanced lighting and exposure. However, amateur photography taken on phones and digital cameras can be limited with their depiction of space, often making properties look darker and more cramped than they appear.

When tenants search for a rental property online, they are looking for value for money, size, condition, location and features. Amateur photography is not recommended if landlords are intending to highlight these.

What are some simple tis to make your property stand out when it's listed online?

Taking advantage of lighting is an easy way to make your property stand out when listing it online. Lighting will not only enhance photos, but will also assist in creating an ambiance and atmosphere throughout the property during open inspections.


What are some mistakes landlords make when listing a property online?

A mistake landlords make when listing their home online is photographing overgrown and neglected gardens. Doing this will automatically deter house proud tenants. Also, by photographing visible maintenance issues, the home will not present well online.

How styled does the home have to be when you advertise it online?

A property doesn't have to be completely styled when it's online, Toop&Toop photograph and advertise many vacant properties. However, landlords should still arrange for the property to be cleaned to a professional standard so it will present well online and in person. While a property is vacant, gardens should still be frequently watered and maintained.