November Rental Market Update

Adelaide rents increased to 8.7%, explaining the fresh interest in property here as an investment.  

Gross rent yields continued to trend lower through November, reaching a new record low of 3.23% nationally. Adelaide yields fared better than the national average with 3.9%. 

“We are receiving calls from buyers' agents in Melbourne and Sydney who are purchasing property here on behalf of investors” General Manger of Property Management, Jane Looker, said. 

 “They love the fact that our TOOP HOME app provides them with live data about their property 24/7. It’s game changing for remote landlords who want to keep up to date with everything to do with their property but are not physically here.”  

“Rent payments, maintenance, financials, it’s all right there on your mobile device.”  


In November, we received 351 applications with a median rent of $448, leased 56 properties and welcomed 419 groups through our opens.  

Our properties were viewed 61,299 times on in November. Properties that attracted the greatest interest were Angas Street, Adelaide with 2162 views, Greenhill Road, Glenside with 2156 view and Hawker Street, Brompton with 1693 views. The median rent for these properties was $417, slightly under the Adelaide average. 

“We have at least five quality tenants for every property we lease, and on average they are paying 6% more rent. Hopefully the trend of interstate investors buying property as investments in Adelaide will continue and the pool of available properties will grow”.