Meet our Property Management Teams

As part of Team Coast, Bianca Pitman, Ella Pena and Dimi Klioufis manage Toop&Toop rental properties in Adelaide's western suburbs, from Port Adelaide to Glenelg and surrounding areas.

1. What is the best thing about being in Team Coast?

Bianca: The ability to work with a dedicated team while managing properties along the water.

Ella: Being able to manage properties with a task-based approach where each of us contributes to the effective and efficient service of our clients. Also, our great team dynamic.

Dimi: The best thing about being apart of Team Coast is that we are all driven to provide outstanding service for our clients.

2. What areas are covered under Team coast?

Ella: We cover the western suburbs from North Haven, Port Adelaide, West Lakes, Henley Beach, and back down to Glenelg. We also manage properties in Seaton, Fulham Gardens, Flinders Park, Thebarton, Parkside, Unley, Goodwood and Melrose Park, among others. Working across such a broad range of suburbs ensures that our portfolio is very interesting and attractive to a wide range of clients.

Dimi: We love leasing in these areas because of the variety of properties. From modern beachfront houses to statement character homes, the west has it all.

3. What's is everyone's role in Team Coast?

Ella: Bianca is the team leader and oversees the day-to-day tasks of our portfolio, including ingoing and outgoing inspections. Dimi is responsible for all routine inspections and maintenance, while I handle all leasing and renewals. As a team, we help each other in all aspects of Property Management.


4. What is the most important thing to remember when working in a team?

Bianca: Communication - we need to be open with each other and ensure that we address any issues that arise promptly. Doing this helps us share property and client knowledge with one another.

Ella: I agree with Bianca, communication is an important part of working in a team, as it enables us to provide the best possible service to our tenants and landlords.

5. What have you learned from working as a team at Toop&Toop?

Bianca: Working in a team at Toop&Toop has taught me how to listen and understand different points of views.

Ella: That working in a team requires constant adaptability, which in turn, will benefit our clients.

Dimi: The importance of support. It is always necessary that we understand each other and can seek advice whenever we need help.