How do I select the best apartment in a new development in Adelaide?

For the third consecutive year, Adelaide has been named Australia’s most livable city.  

Lifestyle, location and affordability, combined with long-term growth consistency and price stability, is attracting the interest of developers and investors. 

Purchasing an apartment off the plan has many benefits. Value for money, minimal maintenance, the attraction of modern lifestyle living and higher rental yields make these an attractive investment option. 

When considering the purchase of an apartment, it needs to be done through the eyes of an investor, not an owner-occupier or renter.  


All decisions need to be made with a view to maximizing return on your investment. 

What you personally see as the best apartment in the development may not be the one that will attract the highest rental yield. The smaller, more economical apartments can often return higher yields. 

In assessing potential returns, consider which apartment would require the smallest outlay for the greatest return. Consider the on-site facilities offered by the development. Pools and gyms increase strata fees for investors but are an attractive feature for people looking to rent. Resale values are also improved if the development has attractive amenities. 

Take into consideration the livability of the apartment in terms of: 

Location: is it close to amenities, public transport, and places of business? 

Size: how many bedrooms and bathrooms does it have? 

Parking and storage: does it come with a dedicated car space and/or lockup storage? 

Facilities: what does the building have to offer? What tech is in the building/speed of tech? 

Building permits: have there been building permits approved that are adjacent to the property which may affect your view? 

Balcony and aspect: what does the apartment overlook?