Your maintenance checklist for spring and summer

It is essential to maintain your investment property in order to maximise rental returns. 

We speak to Property Manager Kristen Goedecke, who handles maintenance issues for our landlords and tenants. 

Now that spring is approaching, what do Landlords need to do to maintain their rental properties? 

Landlords should start to clean up any “winter blues”. This could be anything from pressure-hosing the front of the home to brightening it up and clearing gutters. 

Landlords should have their air-conditioning system serviced in preparation for summer. Air-conditioners need to have their filters cleaned to keep working efficiently. Evaporative units also should have their water turned on and filters checked as they can potentially harbour allergens. 

Keeping the garden and outdoor areas properly manicured can make them a centrepiece of the property and can also increase a home's value. Pool equipment should be checked to prevent any issues during summer. 

Sprinkler systems need to be monitored as they can become clogged easily. Properly maintaining these will help save water and keep the garden healthy during severe heat.  


Why is it important for Landlords to regularly maintain their investment properties? 

Good maintenance of your investment property will increase the chance of retaining tenants, as well as attracting new and high-quality candidates in the future.  

Landlords can also boost the rental return of a home with freshly painted walls, new carpets and varnished floorboards. 

What should Landlords prioritise when maintaining their investment properties? 

The best thing a Landlord can do when owning an investment property is approving maintenance jobs quickly. Moreover, having regularly scheduled maintenance will limit issues and the potential for tenants to seek compensation for any broken appliances.