Meet our Property Managers

Working her way up from an assistant to becoming a Property Manager, Jamie Hatswell’s passion for people and service has led her to being awarded this year’s Toop&Toop Excellence Award for Property Management. 

1. How did you first begin your journey in Property Management? 

Towards the end of high school, I realised university wasn’t for me. I wasn’t interested in spending another three years studying while working a part-time job, so I started looking for a role that I could enjoy doing long-term. 

I have always looked up to my aunty who works in sales. She’s great with people and loves her job. I inquired with her to see if any positions were going (for example, assistant, intern-type work to get my foot in the door). At the time, there wasn’t, but there was a position going in Property Management. I started assisting other Property Managers then soon fell in love with the work and wanted to become more involved with the role. Five  years on, I’m a Property Manager looking after a portfolio of 112.  

2. What's your favourite thing about Property Management? 

I love helping people find their new ‘home’ to start their next chapter. I also enjoy looking after their biggest assets and investments to ensure they get their highest return. 

I am also very much a people person and like knowing they trust me to take care of things from A to Z. 

3. Tell us about your your role as a Property Manager at Toop&Toop? 

I work as a traditional Property Manager, so I take care of everything for clients from start to finish. I manage homes in the north and north-eastern suburbs (from Munno Para to Klemzig). 

My favourite things about these areas is the affordability, lifestyle and accessibility. You can still have a nice three or four-bedroom home, low-maintenance yard and be within proximity to the city, beach and local shopping centres without the hefty price tag. There are lots of up-and-coming suburbs like Penfield, Gawler, Playford, Angle Vale and Northgate that are becoming quite popular with tenants and landlords. 

4. What have you learned while working at Toop&Toop? 

1.  That technology and transparency is key and our customers love it. 

2. How to navigate tricky situations while keeping both parties happy with a positive outcome. 

3. Teamwork makes the dream work. Having a supportive community of other Property Managers has been great. 

4. Communication is the biggest part of the job.