Answer your landlord related questions through our Landlord Advice page and Landlord Hotline

At Toop&Toop, we know how difficult it’s been for our landlords to adapt to the ongoing changes to the Property Management industry because of COVID-19. With the freeze on evictions and other temporary regulations implemented by the SA government, we understand that this may be a confusing time for many landlords.

Because of this, we’ve opened our doors to provide Toop&Toop's renting community with continuing support through our Landlord Advice page, FAQs and Landlord Hotline, dedicated to answering any questions or concerns they might have. 

“The calls I’ve been receiving have been varied,” Toop&Toop General Manager of Property Management, Jane Looker states. 


“Many of those who've called in have been self-managing owners seeking more information and clarification about the handling of rental arrears through this period.”  

Jane, who manages the Landlord Advice Hotline, has provided insights on topics such as the freeze on evictions, tenant management and navigating the South Australian Civil & Administrative Tribunal (SACAT). 

“Landlords have found it difficult to get through to SACAT and were given different answers to the same questions each time they've called in,” she says. “Many are very confused with the rental arrears situation at their property and the processes they need to take to be covered by Landlord Insurance.” 

“Some Landlords were facing rental arrears of up to three-and-a-half months (or as much as $8000). However, many weren’t aware of the steps that had be taken to ensure that they were financially protected.  Most of my calls have been talking landlords through these processes, as well as providing general guidance to what people can and can’t do over this period.”  

For more information on Landlord Insurance, click here

We welcome our landlords and tenants to use our Landlord Advice resources whenever they have any questions. They can also find useful information on our dedicated FAQ page.