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Ryan Yuan

Sales Partner

Ryan cares about his clients and providing the highest standard of customer service.

After sharpening his skills in the property development and banking industries, Ryan Yuan has a deep understanding of the intricacies of buying and selling property in Adelaide. 


His reputation as a highly skilled agent who consistently achieves premium results for his clients was reinforced by his success in the 2020 Jim Toop Rising Star Award. 


Ryan’s background in both property development and the financial sector has certainly served him well since joining Toop&Toop in 2014. 


Through those experiences, he has forged strong relationships with builders, architects, town planners, conveyancers and key property industry stakeholders, allowing him to now provide insightful, meaningful advice to his real estate clients. 

Ryan is comfortable in all market segments, too, from $4 million homes in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs to more modest properties throughout the metropolitan area. 

Fluent in both Mandarin and Cantonese, he has been particularly successful in helping families with the sometimes stressful and daunting transition from overseas to their new homes in Adelaide.  

Ryan always stays true to his core values of working hard and maintaining strong communication lines between all parties, which in turn flows through to the outstanding results he achieves for his clients.  

Put simply, Ryan cares about his clients and customer service is always his first priority. 

His valued work ethic is backed up by many positive testimonials he has received from his clients over the years. 

Ryan lives locally in Norwood with his wife and two young children. He loves the suburb’s sense of community and takes great pride in living and working in such a great neighbourhood. 

他对房地产开发有着极大的热诚, 有丰富的建筑规划以及超过七年的金融工作经验。Ryan能说流利普通话和粤语, 并且在华人社区有着良好的声誉。 他的工作标准是给他的顾客提供最好最贴心的服务。 

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