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Eloise McMillan

Eloise McMillan

Team McMillan understand that a successful sales campaign must begin with the right strategy. They will spend considerable time with you to plan a sales strategy needed to achieve the outcome you desire, and always remain results focused. Peter and Eloise have a long list of successful property sales driven by their enthusiasm and superior market knowledge. You can trust that their main goal is to achieve premium results for their clients.


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Peter and Eloise McMillan work as a dynamic husband-and-wife real estate sales team. 

Their outstanding success comes from focused application of their experience, expertise and energy, ensuring the best possible outcome for your property sale.  

Great real estate sales don’t just “happen” – they are the result of intelligent strategy, planning and precise and timely execution of the plan. 

They happen when you choose an agent who is “on your side”, that can identify the target market, access cost-effective marketing tools to attract keen buyers and who then work tirelessly and skilfully to negotiate the best offer. 

Sound simple? It is - but there is a difference.  

Choose your agent carefully, as it may mean many tens of thousand dollars less in your pocket. 

Our track record may speak for itself, but we would be delighted to offer you our time with a confidential home appointment to explore and provide you with the best advice and options to consider. 

What makes Peter and Eloise McMillan different? 

  • Results-focussed 

  • An energetic husband-and-wife team 

  • Exceptional negotiating skills 

  • Multilingual - engaging buyers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds 

  • A long list of high-level sales of quality properties for premium prices, testimony to our effective sales skill and strategies

  • 30 years of premium sales and service expertise   

  • Multiple testimonials from satisfied sellers and buyers 

  • Backed by the proven, award-winning marketing tools of Toop&Toop  



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