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Grant Wills

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Grant's 20 years at TOOP+TOOP have taught him a lot about real estate, integrity and the requirements of his clients. It has reaffirmed to him that no matter what, nothing is more important than people and relationships.

Grant's determination to achieve the best outcome possible only comes from having a genuine passion for putting his client's best interests first, and building a solid relationship.


Maintaining that relationship long after our business is done has been one of his greatest rewards.


He believes every home he has sold is different to the last one and every vendor and purchaser is unique. Recognising those differences, utilising TOOP+TOOP's unique advanced technologies to the fullest extent and providing great communication is what ensures Grant, along with his dedicated team, achieve memorable results.


Grant's commitment to this passionate award-winning company started in 2002. He joined the sales team in 2008 and has been fortunate enough to consistently be placed amongst the highest performers at TOOP+TOOP every year, along with recognition as a REISA finalist.

Grant's years at TOOP+TOOP have taught him a lot about real estate, integrity and the requirements of clients. It has reaffirmed to him that no matter what, nothing is more important than people and the manner in which he communicates with them. Grant aims to ensure his client’s sales journey is an enjoyable and stress free experience and one in which they are fully informed along the way, while achieving the best possible outcome.

Working with Grant you can be assured your property and your buyer’s purchase is in the safest possible hands!

About Grant
Born and raised in regional South Australia on the farm created many great memories for Grant, from farming as a boy to an array of sporting opportunities which was the perfect grounding for the years ahead.

Completing an apprenticeship in carpentry/building and progressing into manufacturing management became the perfect lead into a career in real estate.

Having raised two daughters and now enjoying two amazing grandchildren is one of the many rewards of life’s opportunities for Grant.

Grant has found that a hands-on understanding of the building trade and the need to constantly negotiate and to work with people in management has held him in great stead for business in real estate, where communication and negotiation is an integral part of a successful transaction.

Bali Family Projects
Approximately 30 years ago, Grant had a dream of supporting families in countries less fortunate than our own.
A few years ago that dream became reality and Grant created the charity “Bali Family Projects Ltd”.

Grant now has the pleasure of helping hundreds of families across the mountainous regions of Bali and giving them opportunity for a better life.

Food packages, bedding, schooling, building new houses, house repairs, toys and even supplying and delivering more than 1000 balls from Australia just to put a smile on the faces of the kids.

It’s such a wonderful experience to assist these people to grow, develop greater opportunities for themselves, their families, and particularly when the appreciation for the support is so genuine and, for Grant, it’s incredibly rewarding.

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Katie Croucher

Katie Croucher
Business Manager to Grant Wills

Katie has a very thorough and client-focused work ethic, assisting in all areas of the business and managing day-to-day operations and communications with clients and suppliers. She has extensive experience in managing real estate processes and is passionate about working towards a common goal, alongside Grant, to ensure our clients’ experience is second to none.


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