Receive instant feedback from buyers

One of the most important decisions you will need to make when selling a property is in choosing your real estate agent and agency. It’s paramount to engage an agent who clearly understands your unique situation and needs, that will work for you, market your property correctly, and implement a tailored sales strategy.

Your agent must clearly be able to demonstrate many other key attributes such as how they will be dealing with your buyer enquiries and feedback, how they will go about showcasing your property to buyers and importantly, how they negotiate your final sale price.


On top of this, making sure that you understand an agent’s approach to open inspections is fundamental in the selling process, as it's one of the most crucial elements to a successful sales campaign and can often be overlooked.

Your agent should work closely with you to determine the most effective open inspection strategy for your property, which should include determining the best days and times that suit you and most importantly your demographic of buyer, and provide you with detailed inspection reports.

At Toop&Toop, we have built unique tools to provide instant and accurate reporting on buyer groups, and personalised client reports sent immediately after open inspections.

Being able to collaborate and share information as a team provides our clients with important details such as who came through their property and their feedback - even down to the detail of how many times they have been to the home and what other Toop&Toop properties the buyers have visited.