Is your house a home?

We have all heard about property styling and property stylists and their work in assisting properties to look their best before they hit the market. But what about post sale? What happens when its moving day and all of a sudden the house you have just bought is empty, cold and lifeless? We spoke to holistic interior designer/ personal consultant Brit Johnston and sales partner Nicole Neil to understand the importance of turning your house into a home.

“Styling a home for purchase is very, very different to when you move into your own space. When your home is on the market, you're really looking to appeal to a broad range of buyers. When you purchase your home, you want to make it your very own. I believe in connecting with clients and listening to how they feel. I interpret their thoughts and ideas into a space that reflects their identity and unique style.” Says Brit.

Team Toop’s Nicole Neil had the pleasure of selling Brit’s own home which was received extremely well by purchasers. “The feedback on Brit's property was outstanding. It was a beautiful renovation, it had been renovated from the heart, which was really obvious. But the feedback from the buyers was just brilliant. They were literally standing around asking the question of, "Why does this feel so good?” As an agent, you can't ask for better feedback from the buyers. As a purchaser, it can be really overwhelming, you buy your home and it looks amazing during the marketing, and then you walk into this empty space. That's where someone like Brit can really take your house to the next level. Get it feeling like yours. And truly enhance your natural environment.” Says Nicole.


According to Brit ensuring you house becomes a home is pivotal in making your property your own. Through her business Brit offers workshops for those struggling with their space whether they have recently moved in or has been living in it for some time.

“I focus on a journey to discover your vibe, investigating your style, understanding flow and incorporating colour. Throughout my workshops, we explore ways to create harmony and well-being in the home. I think it's really important to truly represent your style and your family's personality. Is it minimalist, playful, fun, romantic? Knowing this gives you a good idea of where to take the space.” Says Brit.


If you are a new purchaser and you are struggling with your brand new home or your space in general, reaching out to somebody like Brit can really take your home to the next level. For more information on Brit and her business Inner Self Interior Design click here.