How to write a pet resume

Although a pet can quickly become a member of the family, they can also become a hindrance when seeking rental properties. It’s not uncommon for landlords to favour tenants without pets. But this doesn’t necessarily mean pet owners are left without options. Creating a pet resume for your animal greatly improves your odds of successfully obtaining a new rental.

But what is a pet resume?

A pet resume aims to convey a bit about your animal and why they would be suitable for the property. Similarly, it aims to provide information about you as an owner. A good pet resume will include:

  • A picture

  • The animal’s name

  • Breed/species

  • Age

  • Health conditions

  • Whether it’s de-sexed or not

  • Training level (certificate optional but advantageous)

  • Animal’s personality/temperament

  • How you are as an owner

  • References (not always necessary)

Here is an example of what your completed pet resume might look like:



Breed: Australian Shepard

Age: 10

Health Conditions: None 

About Venus:
Venus is an ex-show dog who has undergone high level obedience and agility training. Up to date with her vaccinations, de-sexed and quiet, Venus loves visiting the park, going on walks and taking long naps. 

About the owner:
I have owned Venus since the end of her show dog career in 2010 and we have been inseparable ever since. I take her for walks at least twice a week and make sure she is always fed, clean healthy and happy.