What lighting can add to your investment property

If you don't have a large renovation budget, lighting can be a great way to help enhance the space and feel of a rental property.

Here are our five tips for improving your investment home through lighting.

1. Make the switch to LED

Updating from harsh fluorescent globes to warmer and dimmable LED lighting is a quick way to brighten your space without breaking your budget. LED lighting is also easy to install and more energy-efficient compared to other lighting options, meaning they can save maintenance and repair costs. Tenants will be deterred by dark living spaces, so installing LED lighting can bring instant brightness to your home. Furthermore, in smaller spaces with low ceilings, LED lighting can make rooms look larger and more open.

2. Changing your fixtures

Converting old lamp shades with stylish fittings is another easy method to modernise your home. Stores like IKEA, Bunnings and Kmart sell affordable, contemporary lighting fixtures that are easy to install. Pendant-style, low-hanging lamp shades are popular choices because of their modern and simple aesthetic that adds statement to a room.

3. Maximise your natural light

Large structures in front of windows can block the path of natural light. Natural light is a great way to make your home feel more spacious. If your home provides this, try to find curtains and blinds that are neutral, as dark ones will often block out light.


4. Make use of mirrors

Mirrors can create the illusion of space when combined with artificial and natural lighting. You should place your mirrors facing windows to reflect natural light.

5. Under-cabinet and cupboard lighting

By installing this style of lighting, you can add to your home's decorative atmosphere as well as its functionality. Under-cabinet and cupboard lighting is great and stylish, as it provides tenants with an additional feature not seen in many properties. This style of lighting can be used to create ambiance, highlight wood and backsplashes or add a contemporary feel to space while increasing a property's rental value.