Adelaide Hills lifestyle lures premium buyers

The surge in popularity of Adelaide Hills property is showing no signs of slowing, as local, interstate and international buyers continue to flock to the region.

With its mix of charming villages, quality restaurants, traditional country pubs, vineyards, orchards and farming land, the Hills caters to a broad range of tastes.

And there’s particularly strong interest in high-end lifestyle properties, as professionals seek a more relaxed country environment where they still have easy access to the Adelaide CBD.

TOOP+TOOP has sold a string of quality properties in the Adelaide Hills over the past year at an average sale price of $1.24 million. That’s an average price comparable with some of Adelaide’s premier residential suburbs.


TOOP+TOOP Owner/Director of Residential Sales, Bronte Manuel, said he received constant inquiry from buyers looking to relocate to the Adelaide Hills.

“There is very high demand for quality Hills properties across all price sectors, but we’re certainly hearing from a lot of professional families searching for that dream country estate,” Manuel said.

“There’s no doubt the Adelaide Hills has become a property hotspot in South Australia, and I’d expect that level of interest to keep growing, particularly as remote working has become more commonplace.”

Manuel lives in the Adelaide Hills with his wife and two young sons and is a strong advocate of the region.


“We love living in the Hills,” he said.

“It offers such a relaxed lifestyle, while still having access to all the amenities you could ever want. And it’s so simple to get to the city. It’s quite unique. I can’t think of any other rural location in Australia where you can get to a major capital city in less than half an hour.

“I’m not at all surprised that property values in the area have grown so significantly.

“If you lived in Melbourne or Sydney, for example, you’d still be paying three times as much for an equivalent property.”

TOOP+TOOP Sales Partners Anita Hardingham and James Lindsay specialise in the Adelaide Hills property market.


Both live in the Hills and are passionate advocates of the region and everything it has to offer.

Hardingham is a lifelong Adelaide Hills resident and currently lives in Bridgewater, while Lindsay was born and raised in Stirling and now lives on a lifestyle property in Verdun.

"Here in the Hills, stock levels remain extremely low across the board," Hardingham said.

"The Adelaide Hills continues to attract quality buyers both locally and from interstate and these factors combined are delivering strong results for sellers. 

"As usual, premium historic homes and small acreages are thin on the ground and will do exceptionally well in this environment."

Lindsay said there were several factors that had pushed up the value of Adelaide Hills properties.

“Having lived in the Hills for most of my life, I am not surprised at the demand we are seeing for properties and the growth in value this has generated for the region," he said.

"There are local, interstate and international buyers actively looking for property in the Adelaide Hills for the country lifestyle without the commute.”