Meet our Property Managers

Working as a Property Manager and in Front of House for Toop&Toop Property Management, Sian Pilling has always had a passion for people. With her experience in real estate and communication, Sian has built an exciting career dedicated to helping tenants, landlords and Toop&Toop staff.

1. How did you begin your journey in Property Management?

At first, I was just interested in investing and did a course about renovating for profit. The facilitator ended up being very inspirational and from her course, I obtained my qualifications from REISA. Immediately, I was drawn to Property Management because of its connection with people and assisting them in achieving their renting and investing goals.

2. What's your favourite thing about Property Management?

I love seeing tenants being placed in their dream home. It's an unreal feeling when you can inform deserving tenants that their landlords have approved their application.

3. Can you tell us about role as a Front of House Manager at Toop&Toop?

We work in a pod structure, with each person specialising in a particular area of management. For example, one person in a pod will focus on the leasing, the other focuses on maintenance and routine inspections, while the team leader manages all ingoing and final inspections and bonds. As Front of House, I need to know a little bit about each of these roles.

I'm also responsible for all administration and reception duties at the front desk, from greeting clients as they walk in the door, taking phone calls and handling rental requests.

4. What are the most important things to remember when working as a Front of House Manager?

It's important to have strong communication skills as I'm often acting as a messenger between staff and clients. The role also requires you to anticipate the needs of landlords and tenants while maintaining simple and efficient processes for the team at Toop&Toop.

5. What have you learned while working at Toop&Toop?

Toop&Toop's fast-paced and exciting environment has taught me to always be organised so I can provide the best possible service to our clients. I've also learned to take advantage of the outstanding technology that's available to me to ensure I'm as efficient and thorough as possible.