Adelaide proves popular choice for interstate buyers

The South Australian property market is experiencing a surge in interest from interstate buyers seeking a more relaxed lifestyle and value for money.

Toop&Toop Owner/Director of Residential Sales, Bronte Manuel, says he has noticed significantly more inquiry from buyers outside of South Australia in recent weeks, with the introduction of more flexible working conditions because of COVID-19 a likely contributing factor.


“There’s no doubt we’ve seen a marked increase in activity from interstate over the past few months,” Manuel says.

“You might move to Sydney or Melbourne for employment opportunities but now that you can potentially do that from South Australia because of Zoom and the like, people are moving here in droves.

“I’d estimate at least 50 per cent of our listings are attracting interest from people outside of South Australia and I wouldn’t be surprised if that number grows even further as more buyers recognise the benefits of purchasing property in Adelaide.

“Adelaide offers a wonderful lifestyle and property here represents great value for money.

“A home you might buy for $1 million within 5km of the Adelaide CBD might cost you $4 million in Melbourne or Sydney.”

David and Catherine Cochlin, who have lived in Sydney since 2000, recently bought a character home at 142 Fisher Street, Malvern without physically visiting the property.


The four-bedroom home on 650m2 was sold by Toop&Toop Sales Partners Orlanda Paglia and Lew Toop.

“We’ve been in Sydney for 20 years and things were getting a little too hectic for us,” Mr Cochlin said.

“It’s pretty much impossible to drive anywhere on the weekend without spending at least an hour in the car.

“My friends told me they can get from one side of Adelaide CBD to the other in 15 minutes. You’d barely get out of your driveway in Sydney in that time.

“We’d spent some time in South Australia previously and enjoyed the lifestyle.

“We wanted a property with a nice large, flat block and that’s very difficult to find in Sydney.

“We also knew it’d be difficult to find something we liked in Sydney for less than about $3 million

“My time is spent doing analysis and writing documents and that can be done from anywhere.

“The ability for me to work remotely meant we didn’t have to be bound by location.

“It wasn’t a difficult decision to make. “

Mr Cochlin said Toop&Toop’s advanced digital tools like ToopTour and ToopDesign had been particularly valuable when selecting his new family home.

“I guess there are always some challenges when it comes to buying a home without actually seeing it, but technology certainly made things much easier,” he said.

“We found tools like the virtual tour and panorama shots to be very helpful when we were trying to make a decision.”